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Company Policies and Procedures

Land Transport have the following policies and procedures in place:

Accident + Incident Policy

Administration Procedures (Office Manual)

Alcohol Testing Policy & Procedure

Chain of Responsibility Policy

Code of Conduct

Complaint Handling Policy

Covid-19 Policy

Dangerous Goods Policy

Diversity and Equal Opportunity Policy

Drug Testing Policy & Procedure

Environmental Policy

Environmental Accident/Incident Procedure

Fatigue Management Policy

Fleet Usage Policy

Forklift Policy

General Accident Incident Procedures

Hot Works Policy

Information Technology and Communication Policy

Leave Policy

Load Restraint Handbook Guide

Manual Handling Policy

Near miss Policy & Procedure

Non-Critical Accident/Incident Procedure (Offsite)

Non-Conformance Policy & Procedure

Pallet Hire Policy- Land Transport

Pallet Hire Policy- Land Transport Hire

Pallet Hire Policy- Subcontractor

Payroll Policy

Phone Etiquette Policy + Procedure

Prevention of Workplace Bullying Policy

Prevention of Workplace Discrimination and Sexual Harassment Policy

Privacy Policy

Safe Road Use Policy

Serious/Fatal Accident/Incident Procedure

Social Media Policy

Speed Compliance Policy

Spill Response Policy

Spill Response Procedure (Dangerous Goods)

Spill Response (Non-Dangerous Goods)

Temperature Testing Policy & Procedure

Trailer Coupling & Uncoupling Procedure

Whistle Blower Policy

Working at Heights Policy

Workplace Health & Safety (WHS) Policy

Workplace Rehabilitation Policy

Should you wish to obtain a copy of any of our policies these are available upon request by emailing enquiries@landtransport.com.au