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Information Technology

Land Transport understands the need for industry leading technology. Therefore, in 2013 we commenced utilization of our current freight system and accounting software. This software allows EDIS, reports, tracking, accounting and various online options.

As Land Transport is a family business we encourage our staff to maintain a personal approach with our customers thereby promoting great communication with both our staff and our customers.

In 2019 our Compliance team upgraded its software to Gearbox . This software allows the full control of the company's compliance, maintenance and record keeping.

In 2016 Jaix WMS was integrated nationwide for LSD warehouses. This program allows full stock reconciliation including stock take, stock on hand reports, stock movements in and out, recording of batch numbers and full stock control.

Land Transport is constantly working to better all aspects of the company. As technology is forever developing Land Transport use this to its advantage by introducing new ways to better service our customers.