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Barry & Raewyn Land


Robert Land & Debby Carrier

National Management

Robert is our National Transport Manager who is responsible for operation's support Australia wide.

Debby is Barry Land's Secretary overseeing administration Australia Wide.


Ian Tuckey manages the Adelaide depot.


Robert Land manages the Brisbane Depot.


Matthew Apolony manages the Dubbo Depot.


Ben Land manages the Melbourne Depot


Michael Crouch manages the Moree Depot.


Kyle Cook manages the Perth Depot


Ron Tighe manages the Sydney Depot.


Ben Scheithe manages the Tamworth Depot.


Head Office

Nathan Land manages the Toowoomba Depot.

Karen Ciesiolka oversees Creditors.

Michelle Fergusson and Carol Fowke oversee Debtors.

Katrina Hockey oversees Compliance.

Wagga Wagga

Ben Land and Matt Apolony manage the Wagga Depot


Our sales team consists of Rod Ingram, Ray Malligan, Adam Spicer who are located in our Brisbane Office and Sheehan Simmons in our Sydney Office. 

All have a vast and diverse knowledge of the transport industry and our business.

They will be pleased to assist you with all your sales enquiries.

Enquiries may be made through our website by using the Request for Quote form, alternatively by emailing enquiries@landtransport.com.au or by telephone.

Land Storage & Distribution (LSD)

Lindsey Young oversees LSD nationally.

Sarah Brandt oversees LSD accounts receivable.

Freightrite Transport

Barry Parker manages Freightrite Transport and is located in Townsville.

Lyndell Francis oversees Creditors.

Rebecca Ellis oversee Debtors.